Editorial review : The Redwall saga is known not only for its action and violent battles but also for the sumptuous celebratory feasts, and here, in singsongy verse, Jacques tells the tale of a surprise feast put on for the Father Abbott by the Redwall denizens. While the abbot naps, the Abbeymice, hares, otters, and moles bustle and hustle with much giggling and chuckling, but the preparations move into the highest gear when the abbot goes out on a stroll, questing for a "Bobbatan Weary Nod," which turns out to be a riddle that is answered at the end. Familiar Redwall characters take part--Constance, Matthias, Basil "Stag" Hare, and Cornflower, for instance--and, as usual, there is a mischievous young'un to cause extra laughter. This is Jacques' first illustrated storybook, and Denise's engaging illustrations illuminate all the ebullient characters and tumultuous preparations with wit and verve. Unfortunately, the verse goes on and on, straining to meet its meter and rhyme scheme. As for an audience, it will probably take a reader familiar with the Redwall milieu to appreciate the book, but read aloud in short bursts, it just may introduce younger children to the saga.

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